First Trade Opportunity

This year I have promised to gift or trade all the work I make. The first opportunity for public trading is coming up shortly. I will be at Thirsty’s Flea Market in Winnipeg on Saturdays and Sundays, November 29th & 30th and December 6th & 7th from 10am-5pm. The best part about the trade is that I am letting you, the audience, set the price. Objects for trading can be brought from home or found at the flea market.

I have been working to create an abstract visual language for our social interactions and interconnectedness. All images are original silkscreen prints and every edition is five prints, and all available for trade. Should you not be able to make the flea market, please contact me at mountcarolyn[@] to arrange a long-distance trade. There will also be further opportunities for trade so please check back here regularly.

Thirsty’s Flea Market can be found at 1111 Ellice Avenue at the corners of Ellice Ave and Erin Street.


First gift in exchange!

A few weeks ago I was given my first gift in exchange. It was a unique thank you coin, cast in bronze by the one and only Suzie Smith (see more of her work here: The intention of the coin is to pass it forward in thanks of or exchange of a gift. Suzie made 50 of these coins and they are in circulation all around the world. Though I am so tempted to hold on to it, I will be sure to pay it forward when the time is right. Who knows? Maybe you will be the next lucky recipient.


:Concerning the way in which two or more people or things are connected/

Interested in acquiring work of mine? Come to my upcoming show at Platform Gallery in the Exchange District of Winnipeg. This exhibition is a group show from the 2nd year MFA students at the University of Manitoba. My work, We are a Rhizome, is an interactive, multi-unit sculpture that will be available to play with, take or trade me for. Opening reception is Friday, September 5th from 7-10pm. Exhibition runs September 3-6th from noon-5pm.

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I Believe…a manifesto

So why explore alternative economic systems like gift or barter when I am overwhelmed with debt? Why “give” my work away when I desperately need to make money?

I believe we lack a sense of belonging, that we remove ourselves from the greater (or more intimate) sense of community when we only participate in mass consumerism.

I believe we disrespect and limit ourselves and the gifts and skills of others when we limit our acquiring to the consumer market.

I believe alternative economic systems create greater or more significant opportunities to connect with our neighbour, and can imbue a richer sense of worth into what we are acquiring.

I believe my debt does not determine what I have to give or offer. I should not be restricted in what I give by what I owe.

I believe in a system of generosity; a market of surplus and not scarcity.

I believe that sharing and redistributing our gifts or what we have to offer equalizes the market of community and establishes a greater sense of worth, value, respect and equality amongst its members (and anyone can be a member).