Currently I am a second year MFA student at the University of Manitoba. Struggling with an amount of debt that I find to be overwhelming, I have decided to channel my angst and energy into finding new ways to address, deal with and alter my relationship to and with money. I believe debt is an issue many, if not most, will struggle with at some point in their life, yet it is rarely discussed.

Throughout my thesis year, I will address what it is like to have and struggle with debt through a number of projects. Believing that we are more than we amass, owe or what our net income is, I will create different ways of acquiring goods through the creation of alternative economies like gift or barter systems. Through this work, I hope to create new connections and opportunities for reciprocity. Opportunities that are challenging, if not impossible to find, in our mass consumerist society.

On this blog you will find projects I am working on with opportunities to participate, information on how to acquire some of my work through trade or barter and links and resources to how other people are addressing debt in their lives. I welcome comments and feedback and would love to hear about your own experiences of debt, your relationship with money and what steps you have taken to change that relationship for the better.


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